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Easton Turns Five!

Every year I continue to say, "wow I can't believe they're already (insert number) years old!" But here we are! It never fails to blow my mind!

Easton was born 9lbs, 9oz and has been a little chunky monkey since! Not really chunky, the kid is pure muscle already. Tim and I are always joking that his legs could probably squat 100lbs if he just tried. We've nicknamed him Beaston or sometimes we call him "The Beast from the East".

I truthfully didn't spend much time with Easton for his first two years of life. Who knew I was on the other side of the country raising his soon to be sisters? He spent just a little over two years with his biological parents before joining our family. It's hard to imagine a time before he was with us, It feels like he's always been ours.

So now he's 5! It's the third birthday he's spent with us. That number will just keep growing and I'm sure after this year I won't even mention that statistic anymore.

Easton is currently in Pre-K and thriving in it. I just did parent teacher conferences and his teacher had nothing but amazing things to say about him. We struggled at the beginning of the year with him hitting and putting his hands on kids. But that phase quickly ended after he realized his boundaries were set in stone, haha. He is learning so much in school and absolutely LOVES it! He asks every weekend if he can still go to school. He makes friends so easily with his outgoing personality and he adores his teacher.

Easton is our little love who is also very sensitive still. He's a cuddler and just wants to be loved on and to love you. He takes his own possessions very seriously, not really wanting anybody else to touch them. He has big emotions and is passionate about his desires. He recently has loved kicking the ball around and has been kicking it pretty hard in the house lately. I think his favorite sisters are still the twins, although he still can't tell them apart. He's excited to be a new big brother to another little baby that he thinks is another little girl! He loves any and all animals and would probably love to live on a farm filled with all sorts of animals.

A birthday interview:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

-A dad

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite movie?

-Hotel Transylvania

What is your favorite TV show?

-Blaze and the monster machines

What is your favorite thing to play with?


Who is your best friend?


What do you love the most about school?

-Choose time

What is your favorite thing to do outside?

-Kick the ball

What is your favorite store?


Happy fifth birthday, Buddy.

He requested steak for dinner with salad. So that is what we will eat as well as making some homemade cupcakes :)

We love you and hope this fifth birthday is the best one yet!



More pictures throughout the years:

This picture always makes me laugh so hard! He gets so tan in the summer compared to his white-walker sisters

When he went to the Kids Care at the gym and told them he had a pirate patch to show them. Pulled out my bathing suit insert and they all got a kick out of that!!

His future wife, Zoe


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