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Happy Fifth Anniversary

Tim and I met on

We both had moved to a new city and were looking to expand our friend groups.

I quickly became interested in this guy with killer abs, a gorgeous face, and a hilarious profile. He refused to pay for the service, so he gave instructions on how to find him on Facebook. So I went on and searched through his profile and pictures more, trying to get a feel for him. Then I sent him a message.

After a little back and forth, we exchanged phone numbers and continued with our conversation through texts. He invited me over to his house and I naively agreed. This was dumb in hindsight as you should always meet at a public place! But he then sent the cutest message: Don’t worry about style, just dressed relaxed.

I should have known then that I met Mr. Forever.

I walked up to his front door, so nervous to finally meet this guy! I had the biggest text message crush on him already. Would he even be able to live up to the hype I’ve created in my head? He opened the door and all of those stories I ever heard about people falling in love at first sight, made sense. I knew in that instant that this was the man I would marry. I hadn’t even spent 5 seconds with him, but my search for my soulmate ended in an instant. There he was. My future husband. His smile and his warm energy were everything I always wanted but never thought I’d find. I couldn’t believe it. It took me moving all the way to Boise, Idaho from little ole Flint, Michigan to get to him.

There Tim was. My knight in shining armor who swept me off of my feet and still holds me up til this day. He instantly reminded me of my dad with his quirky little jokes and humor not everyone can pick up on. He smiled and laughed in the most genuine way, completely opening his true self up to me. It was so easy to be around him. I never wanted to leave!

I don’t remember much of that first date night in, but I do remember it being the most relaxing first date I’d ever been on. If I hadn’t fallen in love at first sight when he opened the door, that night alone would have done me in.

The next few weeks were a big ball of excitement for us, some of the most fun I’ve ever had. We loved getting to know each other. We loved hanging out every single day. If we weren’t together then we were constantly texting. We we’re so completely infatuated with each other that I’m sure it made others nauseous. We were THAT couple. And we barely noticed anyone else.

One morning we headed to the store to get some things. Something inside of me kept telling me to get a pregnancy test. I was on birth control, so this urge was a little strange since you know, “there was no way I could be pregnant”.

So I told Tim, “I really think I should take a pregnancy test”.

His eyes opened wide and he looked at me like a deer in the headlights. "A pregnancy test? Why would you need to take a test? I thought you were on birth control?"

We bought one anyway since that little voice in my head was only getting louder and then we headed to my friend’s apartment. I felt like if I was going to do this, I needed a girl with me. She was in the bathroom with me when the test turned positive. She instantly started crying. My reaction? I just started laughing. I wasn’t even sad or upset about it, I just felt like I was living the craziest joke. I’m pregnant? I know HOW I got pregnant, but like…why? Why am I pregnant now? I just started a new college.

We were pregnant only 3 weeks after meeting each other.

Tim’s reaction was more of terror, God bless his soul. We barely said any words to each other over the next hour, we just sat there shocked with what was happening. But we all know how this story ends – we kept the baby.

We moved in together just a few weeks after finding out we were pregnant. We moved into a tiny two-bedroom basement apartment that cost us $500 a month. It was the first time I had ever lived with a man. It was the first time I ever had to pay any sort of bill.

There were a lot of firsts that happened for me inside of those concrete walls. I did a lot of growing up there with Tim leading the way. We both barely knew each other, but our love for one another made it feel like we had known each other our whole lives. It was so easy to do all of it. It was so easy to be his. It was so easy to transform into this new role of motherhood. All of it felt like a dream, really. I never felt like we weren't going to be able to handle it.

That little basement apartment on Edna was the perfect place to bring our daughter home to. It was quiet, we met sweet neighbors whom we are still friends with, and we did a lot of learning in the parent department during those cold winter months.

Not too long after Presley was born, we moved closer to Tim’s family outside of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We then found out about baby number two when Presley was 8 months old. So, we decided that we needed to make our family official.

Tim proposed only days later using my grandmother’s wedding ring and we booked plane tickets to Kauai to elope. The entire trip was beautiful, even though my morning sickness was at total peak during the trip. I lived off of hash browns from McDonald’s the whole time while Tim enjoyed authentic Mai Tai’s. I don’t have any pent-up resentment about that or anything…

The rest of our story is beautiful too, but those first 18 months were so magical for us. Everything just fell into place in a way I never really understood until later on. Presley helped us in knowing that this was forever, but Sawyer really solidified the deal.

The way in which our story started is not anywhere near conventional. But today marks our five-year anniversary and I’m not sure the foundation for our marriage could be any stronger. We truly are each other’s best friend. We believe in each other so much so that we have moved to new cities and states to fulfill dreams.

July 26, 2013. It's a date that I will always adore.

It’s crazy to believe it’s already been 5 years.
I can’t wait to see where the next 5 take us!
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1 Comment

Traci Diane Walden
Traci Diane Walden
May 09, 2019

I never believed in,"love at first sight"..........until I met my husband, Oliver. We were engaged only 4 short months after becoming officially,"more than friends" and married 5 months after we started dating.! So I get it!!!! I have to say though, I thought it wise of you to remark in this blog that it probably was naive of you to go to his house like you did but it sounds like God was guiding you two together. After all, 5 years together and a full family don't lie do they?! LOL Our church family said we were crazy to, "move so fast", but it felt so........... RIGHT, SO different from anything I had ever experienced before. Bet ya can relate…

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