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Our Christmas Card

Who else still does Christmas cards? We do!

I think the simple gesture of sending people a picture of your kids in the mail is so special and meaningful. We rely so much on social media these days, but nothing beats a physical copy of a photograph in your hands.

This year, I wanted to get the kids involved by putting their own marks on the cards. I really strive for my kids to be part of things we do in some way or another. It's really easy for us to do things without their help or opinion. But our Christmas card this year is all about them. The entire photograph is just the five of them so why not let them have more of an impact on the final product than me? After all, our whole motto in parenting is to keep things simple and meaningful for them. So, their participation was extremely vital to this whole project!

And guess what? Plymouth cards have these photo insert cards! You just slide a 4x6 picture inside of the slot and voila! Done! It’s perfect because the person who receives the card can then just slide the picture out to put in a picture frame after the holidays. A perfectly good picture isn’t wasted. It's easy to throw away the holiday cards you receive since it has Christmas written all over the photo. By doing it this way, the actual photo can be saved afterwards, making all that effort (and money!) worth it for more than just a few weeks.

The simplicity of this card gave the kids the chance to put stickers on the outside and write messages themselves on the inside. It’s what my mama heart wanted for this project and I’m so thankful that Plymouth cards makes this possible.

Because I love them so much, I partnered with them to give you guys 20% off! Use code TATM20 during checkout.

They have holiday-themed options as well as solid colored cards. The green one pictured is from their coffee collection - made from recycled coffee bags. (You know I love helping our planet!). They have over 40 solid colors available. Use the solid colors for your holiday cards, baby showers and birth announcements, save the date cards, graduations, birthdays...whatever big event you can think of!

You can also leave the hard part to them by personalizing the outside as well as the inside with any message you want!

AND HERE’S THE BEST PART – you can order stamps straight from their site!! I loathe that trip to the post office where I have to drag my tribe in for 2 minutes just for stamps. It's awesome that they are ahead of the game in this regards for us mama's! The post office really needs a drive through option for this particular item.

I always find myself scrambling for gift tags juuuuust a few days before Christmas. It's always the one thing I forget to buy. So grab some of those before you checkout. I personally love the mitten ones! I grew up in "the mitten" (Michigan) so anything mitten shaped is close to my heart. The texture of these tags also doesn't even compare to store-bought ones. You just can't do better than homemade! Plus, look at the texture!

I grew up in the small business family as my father owned his own roofing business. My heart is always trying to support the small businesses and I just love the products Plymouth Cards has. The fact that they use recycled paper and that everything is made in the USA is just a win all around for all of us. If you really are thinking about a Christmas card this year, please consider them! The photo insert is just genius in my opinion.

I hope you guys love our Christmas card as much as I do this year and maybe a lucky few of you will receive one in the mail here soon! This was the only decent photo I got as the twins were not super thrilled about standing next to their siblings and having to smile. Ha! But here's a few more of their sweet little faces individually!

Happy Christmas card shopping and cheers to the best season of all just around the corner!

But first, please enjoy Halloween tomorrow!

xoxo Molly


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