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Presley Turns Six!

It's so hard to believe that six years ago I was handed a tiny 7lb baby that made me a Mama!

Presley was the perfect first baby. She came to me in a point in my life where I didn't even know I needed her.

She became a big sister when her sister Sawyer came into her life when she was only 16 months old. She's taken the big sister role in stride when a new sibling is introduced to her. She's our loving little mama-bear and is constantly making sure others feel loved and included. She loves playing nurse when anyone is sick because it makes her feel better that she's needed. She cries for hours whenever anyone she knows has to go to the hospital or doctor for serious injuries. She's a total empath and is constantly feeling for others.

She's our most shy kiddo and even still today she is hesitant about new things. She isn't the one who takes the lead in new environments, but she will definitely make sure everyone is on board with no one left behind.

She listens better than any of her siblings and if you tell her not to do something once, she will never do it again. This is ironic since she spent so much of her toddlerhood in time-out. She had a lot of angry outbursts during age 2 and 3. We were honestly a tad worried about how she would be as a child. But man, she's a total angel now!

Now that she's six, here is her interview:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

-A mom and a teacher

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite color?

-Blue-ish green

What is your favorite animal?

-Wolves and cheetahs

What is your favorite movie?

-Little Foot

What is your favorite TV show?

-Bubble Guppies

What is your favorite thing to play with?

-Build-a-bear toy

Who is your best friend?


What do you love the most about school?


What is your favorite thing to do outside?

-Play on the monkey bars

What is your favorite store?


Here are some of my favorite Presley pictures throughout the last 6 years!

Happy Sixth Birthday to my sweet girl!

I love you!


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