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Sawyer Is Five!

Our little Sawyer Kay is five! FIVE! She was the first baby we decided to wait and be surprised by her gender at birth. I thought she was a boy the whole time until the last two weeks when I had a dream I delivered a baby girl in the back of an ambulance. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN thank the Lord. But she did pop out as a girl! If she was a boy her name would have been Porter. But we knew if she was a girl her name would be Sawyer. I met a little girl years before named Sawyer and fell in love with the name for a girl. Plus, at the time, our name theme was “last names as first names”.  So back to our Soy! She was born with pointy little ears that she has somewhat grown out of. Her head has always been in the 98 percentile while her body was in the less than 5 percentile. She went through her toddler years calling herself Soy Soy. She’s always been our spitfire. She has a bigger than life personality and the girl is not afraid of a fight. She knows what she wants and she cannot back down from it! I love it about her! I wrote this article about her that you can find here.

On a typical day you can find her doing some sort of art related activity. She loves coloring! A coloring book and some markers goes a long ways with her. She's always trying to write words like her big sister Presley does. She loves creating stories and making the pictures to go along with it. She's just a creative little thing.

She's in gymnastics right now and LOVES it! She is a tiny little thing so gymnastics is pretty much the perfect thing for her. She starts soccer next week and I can't wait to see her push around the boys while she fights for the ball. I see a lot of myself in her already ;)

She climbs into our bed 5 nights out of 7 still. She's a total daddy's little girl and is always looking for those extra special cuddles with him.

Here's her little five year old interview:

What's your favorite food? Chicken nuggets

What's your favorite movie? How to train your dragon

What's your favorite TV show? Peppa Pig

What's your favorite animal? Doggies

What's your favorite toy? The trampoline

What's your favorite thing about yourself? That I can open presents

What do you want to be when you grow up? Zoo nurse

Who is your best friend? Presley

If you could change your name what would you change it to? Cama

Here's some fun pictures of little Soy Soy throughout the years!


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