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Steamboat Springs

Tim had a meeting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado so we decided to make a little weekend adventure out of it.

The twins are turning four in less than 3 weeks so we thought it would be the perfect pre=birthday treat for them. They get really overshadowed by their older siblings in terms of being able to go out and do things. It's always just been harder to get to do things with just them.

So that changed this weekend! The older kids freaked out over the idea. There were a lot of "what about us?" and "this isn't fair!" statements thrown around. It's hard when everyone wants so participate in everything, But we are really making the effort lately to give all of the kiddos separate special outings.

We brought Bowie with us because he's only two months old and nursing. He's such a little rockstar. The kid is so chill and just goes with the flow almost long as you are holding him ;)

When we got to the hotel room, the twins were running around to check everything out. They ran out of the closet and towards us yelling, "Mama! Daddy! Look! There's a skateboard in the closet!" as they pointed to the ironing board. Clearly I never iron!

We spent Friday just exploring the town, swimming in the hotel pool, and enjoying the one on one time with the twins. We spoiled the crap out of them and I don't think they minded one bit!

On the way home we decided to hit Rocky Mountain National Park. It was breathtaking! But it was also super sketchy! They don't have guardrails on most of the cliffs. Plus you climb an extra mile up in elevation. So instead of our normal 5,000ft that we're used to, we were at 12,000ft. Talk about light headedness.

Plus there were not that many barriers to the steep cliffs, so my stomach was churning the whole time I was out of the car. Tim's too! We hurried out to grab a few pictures for a total of 3 minutes and then ran back into the car. The thought of my kids tumbling down the mountainside was enough to make me want to throw up.

Anyways, it was a really great weekend for all of us!

Checkout all of our adventures below in the rest of the pictures!

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