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To My Darling Daddy's Little Girl

To my darling Daddy’s Little Girl:

You are the luckiest girl in the entire world. You are loved by the greatest man I’ve ever known.

Ever since the day you were born, there was this instant connection. While I had fallen in love with you at first heartbeat, your daddy fell in love at first sight. I don’t think he knew how much he’d love you. I’m not sure he was ready for the way in which his little princess would affect his heart. But here you were, this tiny little bundle of pink who forever changed the man that he was.

You would choose him over me 10 times out of 10. You climb into his lap more times than mine for a good cuddle and you seek him out for help whenever he’s around. You crave his hugs and you adore getting his attention. His approval and proud praises resonate deeper than any of my “good job sweetie!” compliments ever could.

When you’re scared, you track down his big hugs. When you’re sick, you sneak onto his side of the bed for his snuggles. When you’re frustrated, you look to him for his calm demeanor. When you’re hurt, you run crying into this strong arms. When you’re excited, you can’t wait to tell him first. When you want to play, his games are always the best ones to choose from.

I know you love me. But you adore him. And sweetheart, that’s perfectly okay.

When you want to go get ice cream and play at the arcade, you butter him up with your sweet, tiny voice and somehow his heart instantly melts. How could he ever say no to you? You have him wound so tightly around your finger. He secretly loves it. (You both do!)

You have taught him how to dress the Barbie Dolls from the bottom up and he has perfected the prettiest Playdoh necklaces and bracelets. You'd rather him paint your nails than me and you die of laughter when he practices gymnastics in the living room, trying to imitate your skills.

He really is your best friend.

Your daddy coaches your soccer team because he enjoys finding more ways to spend time with you. He loves doing the things that you love. You both have inside jokes and crack up about the silliest things because you share the same sense of humor. Neither of you take life too seriously and you have more fun doing this life together. Even the mundane errands are so much more fun when he lets you come along.

You don't understand a thing about football, but you cheer on his team every Sunday with him because you know it's important to him. You yell at the refs alongside him and you jump up and down on the couch when his team scores some points. You are all-in all of the time for him.

When he walks through the door after work, your eyes instantly light up and you drop whatever you’re doing to run full speed towards him. You can’t wait to embrace after a whole day away. You just see the joy on your face each and every night!

The best part of being your mom is watching you love unconditionally.

It’s almost as if you’ve known each other in more lifetimes than this. Your souls find home in one another’s. You were made for each other. It’s a bond I could never explain but will always support.

Because at the end of the day, I was a daddy’s girl too.

I know how special your daddy is to you because I lived it once, too. I know that feeling of seeing him walk into a room and the immense peace you feel at just his presence. I know what it’s like to have his arms wrapped around you and what it’s like to share a joke that nobody else understands. I know what it’s like to seek out his advice and how it feels when he praises you when you’ve done something amazing. I know that feeling of love. I know that bond.

I never want you to feel like you’re wrong for how you feel about him.

Your daddy will always be my Prince. But he will always be your King.

One day you will marry someone that reminds you of your daddy. Someone that possesses the same huge heart and witty comebacks. You watched your daddy love and respect me and you watched him love and respect you. You won’t settle for anything less.

Watching you grow up will be a difficult thing for him. Know that he only wants the best for you. Know that he is scared to watch you figure things out on your own. Know that he wants you to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. Know that he will always be there for you and that he loves you beyond measure. You are his little girl. You are the center of his universe. He will always see you as such.

I will always be here cheering you on.

I will always be here if you can't find your daddy.

I will always foster the relationship the two of you have.

I will always love you.

Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

Thank you for teaching me to love as fiercely as you do.




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