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What's In My Hospital Bag?

This is my fourth birth and probably my most prepared for, as far as the hospital bag goes. With my first, I don't even think I packed a hospital bag. I think Tim was running me up things a few times a day. My mom was the one who went out and bought Presley's coming home outfit that same day we were discharged. I didn't even think about that part! In the hospital she just wore the little kimono jackets they offer. And to be completely honest, I LOVE those little kimono jackets for babies. I think they're super easy and cute. I'll buy some once baby is born and I can go crazy with boy theme or girl themed ones.

I was definitely more prepared with Sawyer and the twins' births. But I feel like this time around, I have a really good understanding of what I will really want and need. So here is what's in my hospital bag!

For The Baby:

1. Swaddle blankets

I am currently a Lou Lou and Company fanatic. Their swaddles are huge and SO buttery soft. I've definitely been around the block when it comes to swaddles and these are by far my absolute favorite. I used to think muslin blankets were really awesome to swaddle with but man, those things just don't stretch. I don't know why I ever loved them so much. If you haven't bought any swaddles yet, definitely grab at least one of these!

We have always swaddled the "old fashioned" way. I tried the fancier swaddles they have with zips, buttons, and velcro. I personally prefer to just swaddle my own babies in a blanket.

2. Baby Gowns

Again, these are from Lou Lou and Company. We have always used gowns for all of our other kids. I'm a firm believer in them mostly because they last longer than the footed pajamas that zip or button up. While we will definitely use the footies, I use gowns more. They're way easier for diaper changes and again, these specific ones are SO soft! I also have more generic gowns from Carters and such. I just love baby gowns!

3. Pacifier

I know it's really controversial on whether or not you should give your baby a pacifier once they're born. We always have given our babies pacifiers right in the hospital and all of them exclusively breastfed for over a year. The pacifier and clip pictured are from Ryan and Rose. I love their company and what they stand for. The clips are all so well made and so are the cute pacifiers!

4. Hats

I had a grey knitted hat made from a woman in Poland off of Etsy. The name shown in the listing is not our baby's name. The name is blocked out in the photograph I took because that's part of the announcement when baby is here! Whether it's a boy or a girl, baby will have the one name we have chosen. I also had a white hospital hat made from this shop that has the name on both sides in both pink and blue. I couldn't photograph it with this because it just kept looking strange with how I was blocking out the letters. But it's super cute! It'll be a fun way to announce whether baby is a boy or girl!

5. Quilted Muslin Blanket

This blanket was too cute to pass up. It'll be perfect for the cooler weather here in Colorado to put over baby in the carseat. Plus it makes for a great everyday blanket to lay baby down. It's from Target -- I just showed the grey stripes. Even if baby is a girl, I love the navy for her!

6. Mocassins

These are from Freshly Picked. I never had the chance to buy them for any of the other kiddo so I snatched up a pair when they were part of the Fringe Friday deal they have every Friday.

For Mama:

1. Bra and Boy Shorts

I've had really crazy births in the past. Coming off of a really intense birth inside an operating room with upwards of 15+ people watching me push both twins out, I really am gearing up for something more low-key. Part of that decision was to seek care from a midwife. I want to have a more relaxed birth this go-around and finding a hospital that accepted midwives was huge for me.

So for this birth, I have chosen not to wear a hospital gown. I have opted for a sports bra and boy shorts (size XL to keep them loose and comfortable). I've always felt like the gown was SO annoying to keep adjusting. I just never knew I didn't *have to* wear it. So this time I'm just going to go with whats the most comfortable for me: a sports bra and boy short underwear.

2. Robe

After birth, a robe has always been the most comfortable for me. It's easy to sneak baby on your chest when you want to have some of that cuddle time and it also makes breastfeeding easier. It's basically like wearing a hospital gown, but it's just easier to maneuver. I got this sage green colored one from Target on sale back in February.

3. Nursing Bra

Truth be told, I wore a nursing bra for about 1 day with my oldest and I HATED it. With every other baby, I just wore sports bras. I found it easier to just whip it out than try to unattach and reattach that darn little clip. I never gave nursing bras another chance after that first stint. But I found this sports bra style one on sale from Target, so I figured I'll give it one more shot. I can't promise I'll enjoy that little clip thing again but we will see!

4. Baggy Men's Pants

"The baggier the pants, the better" for after birth. Am I right, mamas? I mean...give me all the men's sweatpants you can. I don't want anything tight on my belly or remotely even touching the sore lady parts I have going on. I'll wear them for weeks after too, so I stocked up on them this time.

5. Toiletries

This is basically whatever you love the most as far as shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, etc goes. I threw in some srunchies because I didn't have any hair ties with my second birth and had to use rubber bands. OUCH!

6. Chapstick

Hospitals can be really dry! Chapstick is definitely a must!

7. Going Home Clothes

I chose a white t-shirt, cardigan, and baggy sweatpants for my going home outfit. Just something really flowy and non-constricting.

For The Nurses:

1. Candy

I always just bring some starbursts.

2. Pens

Nurses love a good black pen. From what I understand they can lose pens easily, so I like to get them a few nice ones they can at least use for a few days.

3. Starbucks Refreshers

I don't know if the nurses can actually use these while on their shifts but I always bring a few packs of them anyways. They're a good pick me up that you can just throw in a bottled water!

I know not everyone brings things for nurses but I like to because they've always been such angels during labor and delivery for us. I think it's nice and sweet to give back :)


I hope this is semi helpful for those of you that are new moms who aren't exactly sure what to expect in the hospital. Birth is amazing (and gruesome) and totally life changing! But it definitely helps to have some comfy things from home to get you through your stay.

If you have any other items you swear by, let me know! :)



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