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Watering Can Learning

One of the things I'm always looking for are new and fun ways to reiterate learning. My older three have their colors, alphabet, and numbers down pretty well, but I still like finding new and creative ways to keep it up.

My neighbor and dear friend Amber actually sparked this idea and deserves the credit. She's over at @crafty_hill_moms and Check her out!

All you need is a watering can, some chalk, and some concrete to draw on.

So what I did was draw a bunch of carrots on the driveway. I put upper case letters and numbers inside of them. They would each take turns and I would instruct one of them to "water" one of the carrots: "Water the carrot with the big letter S in it", and so on and so forth. If they didn't know where it was, they were able to "phone a friend" by asking just one of their siblings for help.

What I really liked about this activity is that it involved the ever illusive watering can. Gardening has become a big hobby of ours this year, so being able to hold the watering can is probably one of the highest honors around here. It's sort of like wearing the crown and being royal. So the kids were extremely excited about this activity!

I used a small area for this, but I recommend using a much larger one. I also recommend having them count to two while pouring the water out. That way they conserve water better, as well as not drenching the area completely. If you spread out the carrots, you could probably let them dump out more water since the water wouldn't run and ruin other carrots.

Once all of the carrots were gone, I just drew a bunch of letters for them to "water" too. They didn't care at all that the new numbers and letters weren't inside of any carrots. They had just as much fun watering the plain letters!

Since the twins weren't really interested in the letters, I drew colored boxes for them. I'd call out a color and then they would run over and water it. The cool thing about twins, for the most part, is that they love working together. They had a blast doing this! Maybe next time I'll do different colored carrots. But for today the boxes worked well!

I hope you all will be able to make your own version of this. Tag me in your activity!

Let me know if you have any other fun summer learning ideas! I'm all ears!


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